Enthusiastic Consent for healthy Intimate Relationships

03 Jul

Human relationships are not that simple as many people get to realize when they are in serious romantic relationships. When intimacy comes into the picture, it becomes even more important to be careful about approaching your partner. Depending on which level of the relationships you and your partner are in, sex is a critical addition and it needs to be done according to how the two of you like it. Communication has been advocated as making relationships bearable, that works for intimacy as well, when people openly make their take known to their significant other, it makes it healthy. Positive consent is key if two parties are to engage in healthy sexual relations.

Consent may seem simple enough but it actually makes it clear that there are boundaries that have to be avoided. Enthusiastic consent in intimacy makes it complete. During intimacy respect for your partner and sticking to activities that your partner is comfortable with is paramount.  Just because there is consent between two parties is not to mean that it is legal because body harm could results which is not something the victim would agree to when asked. this would explain why some couples live by consent contracts which are legally binding if any of the two is to go against the stipulation. The contracts outline the kind of activities that are acceptable and those that are not acceptable from each of the party. Know more about  healthy Intimate Relationships here!

The contracts are in place to prevent sexual abuse of any kind between the partners, there are agreed safewords that are to be used when one of the partners feel uncomfortable at some point in intimacy. There short term contracts that will be binding for just a few hours or even just for a night. Obtaining consent from partners to some may be misunderstood as portraying women as the gender that hates sex and men as the opposite but that is not the case. It takes understanding your partner well and communication to sort out what is not clear.  Be sure to read more here!

It’s only these times where people will meet and address intimacy even before they have gotten serious, however, if it does work out for the two then enthusiastic consent is easily achieved. If people are to have clarity between proper consent and when to drop any advances, it is from there that you will start experiencing meaningful relationships with your future partners. Asking your partner some questions when in the act wills serve to shed light on just about anything. Consent is no only good for all people but the society as well in more ways than one. A lot of sex crimes would be a thing of the past if awareness was created about consent.

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